Hostgator VPS Hosting

If you sign up for VPS hosting on Hostgator, you are signing up to have a virtual machine that is really dedicated to just your site. You get the privacy of a separate computer, and it can also be configured as a server.

Hostgator tries to do their best to keep you as a customer. A Hostgator review shows that most customers are happy with their service. You might find that a cloud server for a dynamic account works best for you on VPS. YOU can use any server OS and hardware.

They have a friendly, expert team of support personnel eager to help you. You can start, stop, or do other commands from your control panel.

If there should happen to be downtime, you will get 100% credit for this. You are guaranteed 100% uptime as much as possible. A Hostgator review says that their uptime was almost always 100% for most of the time. You get a super network backbone of computers from the US, UK, and Europe as well.

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